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Dubai: The prestigious Agita Mundo Award was bestowed on Dubai during the Fifth International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health (ICPAPH) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I have never drunk vodka on the ice," Agita said, "But I have seen a lot of people doing it.
Brazil's Agita Sao Paolo program targets schoolchildren, older adults, and workers in an effort to expand physical activity by 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five times a week.
A lot of unnecessary agita and transfer of funds could have been avoided.
Throw in Comcast's Golf Channel and VERSUS, which has college football and pro hockey games, and the new entity clearly would give agita to executives at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn.
Poeta primitivo, canta a natureza na mesma linguagem da natureza; ignorante do que se passa nele, vai procurar nas imagens que tem diante dos olhos, a expressao do sentimento vago e confuso que lhe agita a alma.
I can't go through a seven-game series chock-full of extra innings and agita.
Baseball fans of America, currently suffering from historically high blood pressure, a fever of 756 and a severe case of agita, need to take a cue from the man causing these symptoms.
the new Securities and Exchange Commission rules on executive compensation disclosure, anticipated for the 2007 spring proxy season, are already creating quite a bit of agita, consultants say.
For another, working as an operating partner for a private equity firm offers a chance to spread your talent around several different investments--and avoid the agita of betting all your chips on a single company.
Tao-pouco o sentimento (porque nao posso dizer partido) o sentimento socialista, que revoluciona hoje a agronomia inglesa, que agita a Alemanha apesar das suas vitorias, e na Franca cose o pano onde rapidamente se vai pintando o cenario do futuro imperio, tao-pouco o socialismo incomoda a politica portuguesa.
These polymer and salt solutions were combined in 20-mL glass vials, and stirring was discontinued after the initial agita tion.