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But for one whose privilege it was to agitate that ocean of human waves, how many were received with a look of indifference or a sneer of disdain
For recreation he could twiddle his thumbs and speculate on the thoughts which must agitate the minds of the generals.
The police foresaw this, and it ceased to agitate, in order to bring the republicans into discredit; men must eat, and trade was permitted to revive a little.
When I related to him the circumstances under which Toby and I had entered it, he listened with evident interest; but as soon as I alluded to the absence, yet unaccounted for, of my comrade, he endeavoured to change the subject, as if it were something he desired not to agitate.
And agitate and scream, and be carried off kicking by the police.
Not to agitate and hinder her longer the considerate Clare began talking in a more general way:
Mr Keith was a man who had built up a large fortune mainly by consistently refusing to allow anything to agitate him.
It won't much agitate Ma; I am only pen and ink to HER.