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Jailtey also wrote that the government had concentrated its approach only to agitational issues and had agitated against the Home Minister, against the Lt.
Though celluloid has recently displayed some postmortem twitches of life, especially in artists' installations, the crisis underlying O'Neill's turn to video seems not just the latest but also the last of the series of shocks that have rattled avant-garde film since the mid-'70s, when agitational identity politics coincided with the emergence of videotape to superannuate medium-specific structural film.
As a correspondent to Titus' Workingman's Paper, Foster was learning the agitational ropes of the left-wing propagandist.
In the course of their organization and agitational work members of the KKK distributed hate literature at Winnipeg schools and malls and throughout southern Manitoba (including an Aryan Nations text opposing 'race mixing', called Death of the White Race), gathered weapons and experimented with explosives in quarries near Stonewall researched poison welfare, boasted about bashing gays and attacking aboriginals with cinder blocks, organized a series of highly-publicized racist telephone messages, and set up a Klan infrastructure that included a Youth Corps and a Women of the KKK group.
I neither take notice of those doing agitational politics, neither respond to them.
Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has vowed the terrorists and elements pursuing agitational politics will not be allowed to sabotage government's development agenda.
Instead they made Desai and his colleagues to give it in writing that they had no agitational programme at the highprofile event," Sagar Rabari, who was in touch with his comrades from Ahmedabad, said.
Thus the agitational politics stand rejected as it leads to anarchy and chaos that is exploited by anti-democracy elements of all colours and stripes.
9 (ANI): With elections to the legislative assemblies in five states having been announced, the political scene has dramatically shifted from agitational politics to electoral politics.
Organized for the International Center of Photography in New York by Margarita Tupitsyn, a Paris-based freelance curator of both Soviet and contemporary Russian art, "Gustav Klutsis and Valentina Kulagina: Photography and Montage After Constructivism" is the first major exhibition devoted to a joint consideration of the two artists' use of photography in the graphic design of agitational posters and postcards, book and magazine covers and illustrations, exhibition installations, and, perhaps most staggeringly, monumental billboards of an unprecedented scale.
Addressing the peaceful agitational meetings at Sialkot, Uggoki, Sambrial, Daska, Bajwat, Badiana, Chawinda Pasrur and surrounding