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Surprisingly, in the presto agitato he reverts to that same sort of individualism that distinguishes Rubinstein from, say, a Kempf, a Gulda or any other such gifted contemporary noted for their Beethoven.
In the vigorous Assai agitato, the series of variations were vividly delivered and contrasted.
Symphony of Color is an art exhibition where a person can capture the allegro, agitato and the animato of painting present in the works of those artists, who every now and then come up with a new musical ornament to display.
Knowing that Loco is The Fox, Hoppy races to the rescue as Lee Zahler's weirdly effective agitato score fills the soundtrack.
Molto Agitato is not a book about singing, but rather a story about "operatic" struggles within the Met's management and about performers facing each other and management down.
The Co Meath trainer also has a chance in the first division with Saving Bond, but I prefer AGITATO.
Soto, one of the company's most versatile performers, served as catalyst between two agitato couples (Darci Kistler and Hubbe, Whelan and Nilas Martins).
Another romantic option by a favorite composer is Friedrich Burgmuller's Agitato, Op.
Sudden chords from the piano introduced some much needed drama to the final Presto agitato.
gt;>), assente in FL, mostra il signorotto alle prese con i suoi pensieri, agitato nel susseguirsi di verbi organizzati, come si e detto, in dittologie e tricoli, fino alla decisione finale di fare una passeggiata.
The lyrical second subject likewise reveals a sensitive musical talent, while the agitato into which it leads demonstrates a good feeling for harmonic shape.
Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F allegro agitato is played by Earl Wild on piano with the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra.