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In order to work his way through the hierarchical ranks or to maintain his position as chief, a man needed to establish networks of allies within his village and other villages through his agnatic kin, his wives' kin, and through the marriages of his offspring in order to accumulate the number and type of pigs required as payment of debts or for favours.
Sitting next to the corpse, completely coated with grey mud, was his classificatory agnatic brother, a man in his early thirties.
Political power is more diffused at the kindred which is the minimal segment of the lineage system in which all the agnatic descendants of a single ancestors which their compounds and farms (form).
When a woman is married, the rights over her are transferred from her father and family to her husband and his agnatic (descent) group.
5 km and preparing geological-mineral map 1:1000 in the 300 hectare space , geophysical exploratory operation using IP-RS methods and measuring the agnatic by picking from 1360 points of measuring magnetics and 1358 points of IP and different sampling.
In his study of witchcraft in Limpopo, South Africa, Isak Niehaus alludes to the potential for conflict amongst those in close proximity, commenting on the tension between the ideals "of kinship loyalty and agnatic and neighbourly harmony" and the potential for friction between those "locked together in bonds of mutual obligation" (57).
70) Despite his failure to create a united front against the British, by forging unity between tribal agnatic rivals, Mahsuds and Wazirs, his message of holding "their nationality intact," to "allow neither the British Government nor the Amir to encroach upon their country, to compose their internal differences .
Wealhtheow inscribes herself into Danish history through her self-conscious performance as the mother who protects the agnatic line of the Scylding dynasty.
What interested Smith was how, under such demographic strain, a localized "mating" system fostered "the most clearly organised family structure in this culture area" (Smith 1962:5)--one which extended beyond the household to form Carriacou "bloods" or agnatic lineages.
Interestingly, and while Saudi Arabia is anxious to enhance its institutionalisation process, the kingdom's agnatic succession pattern, which will end when the founder's surviving sons all pass away, proves remarkably stable.
Four inshore fishermen, along with their agnatic kin, successfully applied for government loans, subsidies, and bounties to finance the construction of their longliners (McCay, 1976: 80).
She is however, highly restricted to her deceased husband's agnatic brothers to ensure the security of her children and to sustain the relationship created through procreation.