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I have heard many noises since, but nothing that gave me such an intimate impression of the savage instincts hidden in the breast of mankind; these yells of festivity suggested agonizing fear, rage of murder, ferocity of lust, and the irremediable joylessness of human condition: yet they were emitted by people who were convinced that they were amusing themselves supremely, traditionally, with the sanction of ages, with the approval of their conscience - and no mistake about it whatever
Were they then so soon to lose him whom they had snatched from an agonizing death?
But from childhood his abnormally active dramatic imagination had tormented him with dreams and fears of devils and hell-fire, and now he entered on a long and agonizing struggle between his religious instinct and his obstinate self-will.
Then at last would the agonizing restlessness be allayed, which destroys my existence
The suspense was agonizing, and Tom knew that he was sure on such occasions to make an example of the School-house boys.
In mid air, just as his jaws were about to close on the man, he received a shock that checked his body and brought his teeth together with an agonizing clip.
There was nothing remarkable in all this conversation, but never after could Anna recall this brief scene without an agonizing pang of shame.
Once, however, he had overcome that sort of agonizing hesitation sufficiently to tell me that he had no such intention, he became rather communicative--at least relatively to the former off-hand curtness of his speeches.
Then, after a slight hesitation, altogether different from the agonizing irresolution my first simple question "whether he meant to stay in Geneva" had aroused, he made me an unexpected confidence--
Lomax said the last few weeks have been especially agonizing for Mary Corson with Mother's Day on Sunday.
argues that people spend too much time agonizing over the past or worrying about the future.
And those final minutes were the most agonizing, as the Sharks put intense pressure on the 23-year-old Giguere.