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Therefore, the New Agoras Project should focus not only on 'creating' New Agoras but also on discovering and linking existing types of institutions, communities and organizations so that they develop actions in a context coherent with the definition below.
facilitating the learning process from agoras by making available methods and tools for supporting conscious evolutionary design;
There would be an effort to select information coming from experienced agoras in terms of appropriateness, relevance of the experience and accuracy of the information.
It became obvious early on that this would be a more theoretical discussion of IM with experienced participants sharing their concerns rather than a forum to lay the groundwork for an action plan for the formation of global agoras.
The first phase aimed to deal with the first objective of the workshop, which was to collectively describe the existing situation and create a shared understanding of the challenges that will need to be addressed in the construction of agoras of the global village in the context of globalization.
What local and global challenges do we anticipate in constructing agoras of the global village with the engagement of local stakeholders?
The design of this agora is a new challenge for the millennium that initiates.
This figure implied the design of a new political system, but it did not explicitly include the idea of the agora of the 21st century.
During the sessions of the Latin American group at the conference the commitment of initiating a Latin American Agora emerged, which is yet in the process of being designed with the participation of the colleagues involved.
They will define how their agoras of the twenty-first century will function and draft action plans for establishing them.
This code guides the Agora Project, and therein the New Agoras to take `into account the wisdom of tradition, yet [be] inspired by the future rather than the past; it should specify right as being the unfolding of maximum individual potential joined with the achievement of the greatest social and environmental harmony' (Csikszentimihalyi, 1993, p.
The New Agoras of the Agora Project, as evolutionary design communities and public spheres of conscious evolution, will offer us `functional contexts of self-guided evolution that are tangible and can be brought to action' (Banathy 2000a, p.