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Consequently, the buyer did not agree to the seller's proposed changes and thus the seller did not give its corporate resolutions approving the contract.
The agreement automatically terminates on March 15, 2007 unless the closing of the merger occurs by that date or the parties agree to extend it.
We have occasionally discovered technical issues relating to how the tax on the return is computed while trying to agree to the computation on the RAR.
Many of these issues can now be resolved via a cost-sharing agreement under which the related parties can, in advance, agree to share the development costs commensurate with the benefits to be derived.
Perhaps in an attempt to obtain financing in the first place, or to convince a real estate lender to extend more credit than it believes a particular construction project on completion will justify, or to salvage a troubled project, developers will often agree to guaranty interest payments to lenders.
The Company previously announced its goal of having 20 to 25 hospitals to agree to adopt the VeriChip System by the end of 2005.
The IRS reserves the right to require specifically that an eligible QI agree to include certain of its branches (to ensure the disclosure of certain U.
Provide standardized procedures to which the taxpayer and the IRS could agree to implement into the audit process starting with the initial contact and ending at the post examination critique and to resolve all issues at the lowest possible level.
The form includes this statement: ``Candidates agree to accept and respect the moderator Mayor Andrew Fox, and to abide by both the letter and spirit of these rules and guidelines.
Under these proposed settlements, the three officers would, without admitting or denying the allegations, agree to the entry of an administrative order that they cease and desist from any violations of certain reporting provisions of the securities laws.
Item six of the Stipulation Agreement, which states "The parties agree to discharge in good faith all of the obligations of the Acquisition Agreement," is unambiguous.
The Tracinda lawsuit was filed on November 20, 2000, three weeks after the Financial Times reported that Schrempp admitted he had lied in 1998 to get Chrysler to agree to a business combination with Daimler-Benz.