agreement to work

See: indenture
References in classic literature ?
If so be you make an agreement to work for me till Lady-Day, I'll see that you carry it out," he growled.
framework agreement to work out PPI and out measures to safeguard public colleges departmental jurisdiction high and low current electricity.
On 19 February 2002 12 countries that together contain 70% of the world's plant and animal biodiversity signed an agreement to work toward establishing new trade rules to govern patenting and registering of products based on plant and animal resources.
In May 1999, Northgate and North Bay's Downtown Improvement Area signed an agreement to work together to market the city and each other.
But Elliot Pulham, a spokesman in Boeing's Missiles & Space Division in Kent, said Boeing and McDonnell Douglas never had an agreement to work together beyond Phase 1.
The technology-transfer program also has an agreement to work with the Ventura County Business Incubator.

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