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With its agressive pricing, the AV 3600 is an ideal entry-level Pentium Pro system for departmental, workgroup, and reseller-supplied applications.
EMR is proceeding immediately on an agressive laboratory test and development program using sample materials collected in Kuwait.
Great opportunity for a young agressive person to take over this business and grow it.
More than $2,000,000 will be assigned to conduct an agressive exploration program on the Esperanza property, located on the western extension of Placer Dome's recent significant discovery which is now known to contain more than 4 million ounces of gold.
Agressive corporate salesman in the medical equipment field,looking to develop his own business $2.
CTP's rapid development methodology played an integral role in helping to meet our agressive project deadlines," said Tom Eastwood, chief technology officer of SportsLine USA.
o agressive marketing -- The SPECTRUM Test Drive offered HP, Sun, and IBM's management platform customers one single SpectroSERVER license free of charge to evaluate SPECTRUM 3.
Strong customer base and solid reputation make this company perfect for an agressive new owner.
These agressive moves by Chairman Greenspan have sent a clear signal that he wants to prevent a seizing up of the credit delivery system.
According to Patrick Ang, vice president and general manager of OPTi's Multimedia Business Unit, "Through agressive, early implementation of these technologies, OPTi will let its clients quickly penetrate the next generation of PC DVD and advanced gaming markets.
CLI) (NASDAQ:CLIX), the high-performance videoconferencing company, has announced an agressive restructuring of its sales and distribution operations in Europe to quickly expand and increase its share of the growing video communications market.
20 pool margin; $50K per month store at 39% gross profit margin; both gas and store profit centers work on very high margins - upside for agressive new owner; 3 bays rented at $4,000/month; 12 dispensers; hi traffic corner; 3 tanks (12,000 gallons each); payroll calculated at $6,500/month in expenses - family run.