ahead of time

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Ahead of Time stocks the latest in hair design products, such as Wella styling and the highly popular GHD straighteners.
Examine the score for any instances of cross-voicing ahead of time, mark them clearly on the score, perhaps with a highlighter reserved just for cross-voicings, and plan a strategy to cope with them, particularly with regard to fingering.
It's happened to me a few times and I've left little notes when the meters are ahead of time," he said.
When we went to Hawaii, we actually drove the equipment to the airport the night before and had it loaded up ahead of time.
Every role and responsibility cannot be established prior to entering the inclusive class, but many can be discussed ahead of time.
Reheat and eat: You can prepare pilaf up to two days ahead of time and just reheat it in the microwave (or steam it in the oven with wet paper towel on top).
Find out ahead of time what the policy is, and get it in writing.
When conducting a focus group by phone, we recruit the producers, dealers or veterinarians ahead of time and always provide an incentive.
A small backpack can carry most, if not all, clothing needed for the change, and the rest can be left at the office ahead of time.
DO some homework ahead of time so you know your options.
But when NBC constantly shifted back and forth among sporting events in order to create false suspense and keep us glued to our sets, when we never knew more than an ad ahead of time whether an event would be interrupted or shortened, when we discovered at the end of a particular diving competition that we had seen only selected divers, we felt cheated.
If the intended use of the data isn't fully known ahead of time and is subject to change from application to application, a database may be the better way to go.