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84) Tuckey, supra note 1, at 40 (suggesting that "[i]t is not unthinkable that an aide may 'absorb' expenses for which a receipt was lost"); see GOMO AIDE HANDBOOK, supra note 4, at 11.
Former home health aides George Babuadze, Raisa Haypapeyan, Rima Petrosyan, Julieta Sephashvili, Elvira Bruce, and Sahakanush Yuzbashyan each pleaded guilty to petit larceny, an A Misdemeanor, and will pay restitution ranging from $3,000 to $5,000.
I know there will continue to be interest in the state to allow certified medication aides in long-term healthcare settings.
Civilian Application: Since an enlisted aide can perform many duties, the civilian applications are broad.
When not entering data in the calendar program, the second-period aide helps out in other ways.
The aide said he overheard only Mr Gore's side of the telephone conservation.
My last meeting began with Kohl's aide for labor issues.
No reason was given why the trip was called off at the last minute, but the aide said the premier is in good health.
Our specialized training program will expand beyond the 4-week training currently required of every CHCA aide.
The aide, who spoke to The Advocate on the condition of anonymity, says that like the hundreds of young men and women who come to Washington each year to pursue political careers, he was unsure of his sexual orientation when he began work eight years ago at age 22.