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3) Jeffrey Herlihy for example, has examined the concept of expatriate exile and aimlessness showcased in the work.
This explains the novel's repeated scenes of "the valley of ashes," the image that Fitzgerald borrowed from Eliot's The Waste Land and "The Hollow Men," betokening the arid hopelessness and perplexing aimlessness of a world stripped of faith and, with it, spiritual purpose.
But the rest of it was grim, an endless parade of hoof–it–the–wayyou're–pointing aimlessness from both sides.
Dowley himself asks the question, suggests several answers but never really addresses it head-on, thereby he creates notable imbalances and a certain aimlessness.
Their detachment from the real world is only detached in that they represent our own aimlessness and ambivalence.
As long as there is spray paint and aimlessness, cities have to deal with it.
Yet setting aside the aimlessness the film gradually builds to a moderate momentum where we don't need to feel cheated by a film that splits the comedy genre wide open without fracturing the farce.
If children don't have very strong parenting and an activity to replace the aimlessness that can go on after school hours, they end up accepting what's shoved in their face.
Sacre Bleu is big fun, and it's worth putting up with some occasional aimlessness.
This despair seems born of anonymity and aimlessness.
Why can't Dunham tool about like her male counterparts who celebrate their own aimlessness in a seemingly endless stream of television shows and movies?
The scope and aimlessness of this wide meander make it superficial enough to be simplistic, sometimes to the point of distortion.