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But if this is indeed the land of laid-back aimlessness, he's brought too much of that to the party, too.
Five times, in less than a couple of minutes, they kicked possession away with an aimlessness that was beyond belief.
It's either the mountain or my nausea, hunger, aimlessness, misery, and sorrow" (Baydas, in Jayyusi, 422).
Characterized by cynical aimlessness, these individuals model the vacuousness of the neoliberalism that is now the order of the day in Argentina, where everything and everyone can be had for the right price and any and all sorts of deals can be cut.
While many experts are at a loss to explain the growing phenomenon of juveniles who kill, Judge Mira left little doubt about what he considered at the core of the Farris killing: ``The genesis of this group is in their lifestyle, their aimlessness, their purposelessness.
The imminence of the year 2000, here associated with aimlessness, nihilism, and the erosion of belief, provides the point of departure for Paraiso.
In the end, its subject emerges as an embodiment of the aimlessness and morbid languor that were the shadow side of the 1960s' unbridled hedonism.
After the tale of the unhappy artist has begun and the reader has learned about her ten years of aimlessness and despair, when she is back at home and has met Andrus again, another trip to Paris is in the offing.
Ugarte engages in a series of stratagems to avoid Agustini and to refuse to heed her protestations of love: her presence in his life is simply too inconvenient, and he is left to attempt to console himself with cheap romantic cliches about the finality of her death and his own aimlessness.
Under the kiff-kiff laughter, behind the ballad and the episode, the what happening, the summer-is-hearts, he could see a great aimlessness, a great restless, swaying movement that leaving you standing in the same spot.