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Predikto's MAX allows us to extract every bit of information and turn it into actionable insights that will improve visibility into operations, provide innovative solutions to improve safety, and provide clarity into the critical maintenance and performance indicators that impact the bottom line most," states Greg Hrebek, Director of Engineering for New York Air Brake.
To Develop Air Brakes and Clutch Actuation Systems for Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles
New York Air Brake, a leading manufacturer of train air brakes and control systems, designed and built a new, safer, air brake control valve with the capability to maintain up to 85% of brake cylinder pressure in the event of a leak.
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation generated $1,360M, $1,088M, and $1,034M worth of revenue in the fiscal years ending approximately December 31, 2007, 2006, and 2005.
SORL's new generation of electric air brake compressors are powered by an electric motor, thereby increasing fuel conservation and reducing pollution.
Alcohol keeps moisture from freezing up inside the vehicle's air brake system.
Constructed of high impact aluminum, the WAR-LOK(TM) TAB-10 and TAB-30 truck air brake locks protect idling trucks from theft by completely encasing the air valves.
It's no secret that temperature changes, like cool nights and real hot days, increase condensation in the excavator's air brake system.
The WAR-LOK TSK-50 package includes a TL-10 (a cast steel barrier box with a reusable, removable, keyed locking device that fits securely over the hasp of most trailers with swing-out doors), TKP-10 (a king pin lock designed for dropped trailers), TAB-10 (a truck air brake lock that protects idling trucks from theft by completely encasing the air valves), TGH-10 (a glad hand lock that protects a trailer's air brake system from being connected to the tractor) and a Top Security Padlock, all in a convenient carrying case.
Nasdaq: SORL; or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive air brake valves and related components in China, today announced that it has entered into a technology development agreement with Baotou North- Benz Heavy Duty Truck Co.
Scorching hot days and cool nights in the desert mean condensation is forming in the scraper's air brake system.
The TSK-50 is a complete tractor/trailer security solution that includes the TL-10 barrier box, TKP-10 king pin lock, TAB-10 air brake lock, TGH-10 glad hand lock and the TPL pad lock from the t-Series line of WAR-LOK cargo locks.