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In fact, the demand for air to each floor in the neighborhood of 1-2 air changes per hour could possibly be met by existing air handling equipment used for normal comfort control.
With the PRESEV strategy, the "mixing" between the polluted air at the exhaust and the air with low CO ppm rise close to the fresh air supply is achieved by periodic exchange of the air exhaust and supply locations, as schematically shown in Figure 2 The PRESEV concept may be illustrated using a car park example which requires infinitely high rate of air changes per hour (ACH).
3 air changes per hour, significantly better than the minimum requirements for Passivhaus of 0.
36 HEPA fan filter units were designed to be housed within this large frame to produce 97 air changes per hour at air speeds of 0.
Complete air handling and air conditioning systems are also installed, with HEPA filters, maintaining over 100 air changes per hour.
One hundred percent of all air will come from the outside and occupants will benefit from six air changes per hour, in comparison to the industry standard of just two air changes per hour.