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AIR. That fluid transparent substance which surrounds our globe.
     2. No property can be had in the air it belongs equally to all men, being indispensable to their existence. To poison or materially to change the air, to the annoyance of the public, is a nuisance. Cro. Cr. 610; 2 Ld. Raym 1163; I Burr. 333; 1 Str. 686 Hawk. B. 1, c. 75, s. 10; Dane's Ab. Index h.t. But this must be understood with this qualification, that no one has a right to use the air over another man's land, in such a manner as to be injurious to him. See 4 Campb. 219; Bowy. Mod. Civ. Law, 62; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 36 1; Grot. Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, liv. 2, c. 2, Sec. 3, note, 3 et 4.
     3. It is the right of the proprietor of an estate to enjoy the light and air that will come to him, and, in general, no one has a right to deprive him of them; but sometimes in building, a man opens windows over his neighbor's ground, and the latter, desirous of building on his own ground, necessarily stops the windows already built, and deprives the first builder of light and air; this he has the right to do, unless the windows are ancient lights, (q.v.) or the proprietor has acquired a right by grant or prescription to have such windows open. See Crabb on R. P. Sec. 444 to 479 and Plan. Vide Nuisance.

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And the air hostess warned Cheryl the Chelsea player did not behave like a man who had any intentions of settling down.
If you are a policewoman you could expect to see this sort of behaviour, but not this violence and certainly not as an air hostess.
The air hostess mentioned that she had full faith in the NCW and this is the reason she had approached this body.
The air hostess was truly embarrassed, but flattered at the attention she received from the young lads.
A friend of the air hostess said: "Marsha was a respected member of the cabin crew.
According to the complaint, Anupam was supposed to get married to the air hostess, daughter of a retired engineer of Meerut, on November 24 this year.
When the aircraft landed in India, acting upon the complaint of the air hostess Komal Singh, the pilot Ranbeer Arora, co-pilot Aditya Chopra, the airhostess and a flight purser Amit Khanna were derostered by the airline management which has taken a serious view of the scuffle.
It will be the first time that an air hostess has taken her employer to court on the basis they failed to protect her.
Summary: A man who was charged with molesting an air hostess and who allegedly endangered the lives of passengers on-board an Abu Dhabi bound flight of a local air carrier, has been found guilty and handed down a four month jail sentence to be followed by deportation.
He says they're pointless because, if a pilot had a heart attack, no one would notice if a trained air hostess stepped in to bring the plane down.
A JET Airways passenger was arrested for allegedly molesting an air hostess on board a Mumbaibound flight on Tuesday.
Busted Air Hostess HHHHI THERE are some certainties in life.