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To keep the air space behind the stone clear of mortar droppings, a drainage mat with a filter fabric is necessary.
The Russian ambassador in Ankara has been repeatedly summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry for discussions on incidents of air space violations by Russian jets.
An Air Space trampoline park is coming to Wolverhampton |
Flight control in the air space above Kosovo has been performed by the Hungarian air navigation service, HungaroControl, since 2011 and this authority will hereafter be assisted by their Macedonian colleagues from M-NAV.
According to the spokesman of Foreign Office, Pakistan considers air space violation as a contravention of the 1991 agreement between the two countries on Prevention of Air Space Violations and for Permitting over Flights and Landings by Military Aircraft.
When SR joined NATO and accepted the goals of the forces [FGForce Goal] it became a part of the joint air space of NATO countries [NATINADS--NATO Integrated Air Defence System] with its inherent rights and duties.
In terms of the Iraqi air space sector, I cannot say that we are capable of securing Iraqi air space as the Iraqi.
Answering a question on the flights of the Turkish Air Force in international air space over the Aegean Sea, Unal said that all flights took place within the frame of general principles.
The Army Command statement said an Israeli warplane violated Lebanon's air space above Lebanese waters facing the village of Naqoura Tuesday and carried out circular overflights above Lebanese waters stretching from Sidon to Naqoura before returning to Israel.
Summary: Beirut, July 20, 2010, SPA -- Israeli planes continued today violation of the air space of Lebanon and accordingly a pilotless Israeli espionage plane flew several times over Lebanon.
NATS, a provider of UK air navigation services, confirmed yesterday that air traffic within UK air space had fallen by 21.