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The Russian ambassador in Ankara has been repeatedly summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry for discussions on incidents of air space violations by Russian jets.
An Air Space trampoline park is coming to Wolverhampton |
He added that Iraq hoped the days when air space might be breached by a hostile power were over, but said:
Another drone also violated Lebanon's air space and carried out circular overflights above the south and the west Bekaa regions.
In UK controlled air space last month there were 141,956 flights compared to 180,166 in April 2009, a decrease of 38,210 flights.
These measurements are then used by the Dutch aviation authorities to take decisions regarding the closing and (re)opening of air space.
Aviation officials are bracing the nation for a second day of travel chaos as most of Britain's air space is set to remain closed to all but emergency flights until at least 1900 on Friday, due to the clouds of volcanic ash from Iceland.
He said five Pakistani unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and a fixed wing medium aircraft intruded into Indian air space between December 2008 to September this year.
The systems would be installed and istributed over different locations in he Kingdom in such a manner that it would cover the whole air space of the ingdom up to a height of 15,000 feet nd above.
However, Delhi International Airport Limited ( DIAL) officials said the flights were delayed and diverted due to air space closure.
strategic B-52 bomber, brightly showed that our air space is an integral part of all the air space of NATO, and its protection has equal value for all allies," assured Aaviksoo.