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AIR. That fluid transparent substance which surrounds our globe.
     2. No property can be had in the air it belongs equally to all men, being indispensable to their existence. To poison or materially to change the air, to the annoyance of the public, is a nuisance. Cro. Cr. 610; 2 Ld. Raym 1163; I Burr. 333; 1 Str. 686 Hawk. B. 1, c. 75, s. 10; Dane's Ab. Index h.t. But this must be understood with this qualification, that no one has a right to use the air over another man's land, in such a manner as to be injurious to him. See 4 Campb. 219; Bowy. Mod. Civ. Law, 62; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 36 1; Grot. Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, liv. 2, c. 2, Sec. 3, note, 3 et 4.
     3. It is the right of the proprietor of an estate to enjoy the light and air that will come to him, and, in general, no one has a right to deprive him of them; but sometimes in building, a man opens windows over his neighbor's ground, and the latter, desirous of building on his own ground, necessarily stops the windows already built, and deprives the first builder of light and air; this he has the right to do, unless the windows are ancient lights, (q.v.) or the proprietor has acquired a right by grant or prescription to have such windows open. See Crabb on R. P. Sec. 444 to 479 and Plan. Vide Nuisance.

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In these systems, the conditioned air is produced in the central air-conditioning unit (CAU) and is transported through the network of ducts to air-conditioned rooms.
A close look at the way the construction workers are transported across the country would reveal that even a journey on the Mowasalat public transport buses, is a luxury for a large segment of workers, as the buses operated by the government transport company are air-conditioned and provides better comfort for its passengers.
of modern, air-conditioned office space; forty-five dock-high doors with levelers; and one drive-in door.
He and his friends took advantage of the empty, air-conditioned center to practice their basketball skills.
During past summer-school sessions held at John Muir, for example, teachers saw a 30 percent decrease in student attendance because classrooms were not air-conditioned, said Assistant Principal Daniel Hacking.
Some schools still need offices or auditoriums air-conditioned, in addition to renovations to the power systems.
If air conditioning is not available, take a cool bath or shower once or twice a day and visit air-conditioned public places.
Lynn Roberts, project coordinator for the district, said the contracts will specify that classrooms be air-conditioned before September 15.
WHEN the mercury rises to record levels, so does the frustration with the disturbingly slow pace at which campuses are being air-conditioned.
At least a dozen Valley schools supposed to be air-conditioned under Proposition BB missed the deadline because the large construction management company in charge of all bond work failed to order units in bulk as promised, according to Dennis Martinez, program manager of 3D/I-O'Brien Kreitzberg.