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Come what may, our members will have a pivotal role in facilitating the clearance of the airfreight backlogs.
The Jakarta and Beijing units add to the company's airfreight service network of 12 overseas subsidiaries, including those in the United States, Britain and Thailand, and seven representative offices such as those in Shanghai and Paris.
The clearly defined processing times of this new generation of airfreight products is accompanied by a clear pricing structure.
The economies achieved through airfreight for import shipments are of several kinds: those related to the actual transport operations and those involving stocking and distribution.
a leading provider of global trade management solutions, today announced the release of its Air Rate Manager, a feature-rich on-demand solution that automates the logistics process for airfreight.
Announcement of competition: Provision of airfreight
Plimsoll's AIRFREIGHT CARRIERS (Global) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the AIRFREIGHT CARRIERS (Global) sector in 2013.
FRANKFURT AM MAIN, June 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- With the growth trend stabilizing, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) registered new record levels for both passengers and airfreight in May 2010.
Despite the flight cancellations airfreight tonnage increased by 23% compared to April 2009, with the airport handling a total of 166,276 metric tons of airfreight last month.
Growing flowers in The Netherlands requires heating vast greenhouses and consumes more energy than airfreight from Kenya.
But Sabiha's cargo facilities are far less developed than were Ataturk's and Turkish Airlines has noted its "limited cargo capacity" in past statements regarding the carrier's airfreight operations there.
Hochtief VSB was the general contractor and ALS Advanced Logistic Systems provided the automated airfreight handling system and a highly sophisticated Road-Feeder ULD transfer system, optimising fast airside-landside ULD transfer.