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The Soil Association focused on airfreight as a prime contributor to global warming even though emissions for organic produce airfreighted from sub-Saharan Africa are less than 0.
Though they were coy about the exact figures, they said that there was no evidence yet to suggest consumers were abandoning airfreighted produce on the grounds of its higher carbon footprint.
The revelation, which came to light during the Soil Association consultation on whether to ban the use of the organic label on airfreighted produce, throws into question the label's value to consumers.
Kicking off a debate on whether food miles are fair miles, the Kenyan High Commission said it feared a consumer backlash against Kenyan flowers and vegetables in the wake of moves by Tesco and M&S to label airfreighted food with a special sticker.
Most products airfreighted from Kenya were in the holds of passenger aircraft that would otherwise have flown with empty space, he claimed.