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Exactly; and I say what I feel, that's all," said Raffles airily.
That was why Bill had not seen Claire from where he sat; and the reason that he had not seen her when he left his seat and began to dance was that he was not one of your dancers who glance airily about them.
What we want is to administer a tonic to the Conference in Milan," he said airily.
The quarters of our soldiers at Niagara, are finely and airily situated.
Fanny bade her father good night, and whisked off airily.
No other,' said Mrs Lammle, laughing airily, and, full of affectionate blandishments, opening and closing Georgiana's arms like a pair of compasses, than my little Georgiana Podsnap.
After alluding airily to the Vehmgericht, aqua tofana, Carbonari, the Marchioness de Brinvilliers, the Darwinian theory, the principles of Malthus, and the Ratcliff Highway murders, the article concluded by admonishing the Government and advocating a closer watch over foreigners in England.
Encouraged by this bright outlook in the BPO industry, especially in the call center industry, Airily engaged in BPO activities.
Mr Hemming states airily that some of those who would lose their jobs "will be unemployed for a while".
A third of all our food, and half our fruits and vegetables, contains traces of chemicals designed to kill things, yet the cocktail effect is airily dismissed, each residue is conveniently considered in isolation and risk assessment is based on calculations carried out in the 1950s and a few tests on rats.
It is one thing for former government representatives to airily dismiss international law as regards Palestinian refugees' rights in exchange for an Israeli agreement to share Jerusalem, which is not legally Israel's to share.
Berman -- who is often sensible -- airily suggested that the Turks should not allow their relations with the U.