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With these two partnerships, AirMap will provide airspace information to millions of aircraft and millions of operators - more end users than any other provider of airspace information in the world either for manned or unmanned aircraft.
Moscow, Ankara Settle Turkish Airspace Violation Incident
In July 2013, Iran declared readiness to open its airspace for the passing flights after Ukraine closed its airspace following the shooting down of a Malaysian plane in its sky.
We feel honored that GCAA has chosen to partner with us in their effort to optimize airspace efficiency.
The UAE airspace is considered amongst the busiest in the world and we are determined to continuously enhance the air traffic operations safety and efficiency.
has announced that the number of foreign aircraft using Iranian airspace set a new daily record of 1,015 on October 12.
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that for the first time, the FAA had granted regulatory exemptions to certain aerial photo and video production companies for the use of unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System (NAS).
We are working towards having a unified airspace aACA* [but] these things are not straight forward issues," Ali said.
Such relations therefore correspond to their use of Russian airspace.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) claims one of the only ways to alleviate bottlenecks is to open up restricted airspace.
Officials say the airspace will come under enhanced pressure with Dubai getting the rights to host the Expo 2020, where about three-fourths of visitors are expected
According to the Lebanese Military, the Israeli fighter jets flew over the southern village of Rmaish as well as over several other places before leaving the country's airspace.