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Other features that protect unattended equipment from damage due to single- or multiple-loop element failure include LBA (loop-break-alarm) and Latching Alarm.
Turn off the power at the main electrical panel and disconnect the old alarm (Photo 1).
This situation had a happy ending, but it illustrates the importance of not only having a carbon monoxide alarm to alert you to the presence of CO, but also of understanding what carbon monoxide is and what to do when your alarm sounds.
OTIS will give law enforcement comparative information on ordinances, particularly for cities of like size, for the purpose of developing and revising alarm ordinances.
Then, they spoke to experts like firefighters, alarm makers, city officials, and a speech-and-hearing organization, to learn about safety measures and the technology behind existing alarms.
They are most often triggered by users who forget to lock windows and doors that are then blown open by the wind," says Stan Martin, executive director for Security Industry Alarm Coalition in Frisco, Texas.
If your home opens directly out to the pool area, a door alarm will provide some added protection.
PSC sells direct, providing 4,000+ business partners savings of 50% or more on fall monitoring alarms and alarm systems.
This makes the hornbill the first bird known to distinguish between alarm calls given by another species, says Hugo J.
When the resident gets out of bed or out of a wheelchair, they pull the tether, yanking the pin from its position and sounding the alarm.
If such wails constitute a basic earthly music, then the ubiquitous rendition offered by the car alarm is a corollary Muzak whose purpose--to galvanize rather than to soothe, but also, like its elevator-music counterpart, to promote obedient consumerism--has fallen into irrelevant annoyance.
In the United States in 1998, police responded to approximately 38 million alarm activations, at an estimated annual cost of $1.