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The post Alarm bells ring as China sinks, dollar tumbles appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Punjab government has issued special directives for installation of wireless chargeable alarm bells in all the schools, colleges, universities, churches, minorities places of worship and main shopping centers in Rawalpindi to ward off terror threats.
When a club has such massive boardroom problems - as Newcastle clearly do - it is inevitable that the strife will seep down to the players and their recent results should have alarm bells ringing out of control on the Tyne.
London -- The following list of recent 2006 events ought to raise alarm bells.
At his auto dealership in Powell, Tennessee, Greg "Lumpy" Lambert had alarm bells ringing in his head on November 11 after a 19-year-old customer test drove a 2005 Ford Focus and then offered to buy the car for cash" without any haggling or even a mechanical inspection," reported the Knoxville News Sentinel.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "This poll should ring alarm bells in Government.
It seemed incredible, but as a brilliant keynote speaker Saskia Sassen reminded us, it is only 20 years since various sages were predicting the end of cities, not the extraordinary growth which the Biennale both celebrates and sounds alarm bells over.
Still, he talks in a way that makes alarm bells sound in my mind as I recall long dull meetings in the bureaucracy.
To date I haven't heard anything that really sounded the alarm bells to me.
Unsurprisingly, the price tag raised alarm bells among parents, who feared that it would detract from textbooks and teacher salaries.
Alarm bells in medicine; danger symptoms in medicine, surgery, and clinical specialties.
Or are the alarm bells likely to bring some kind of changes that will stave off such a calamity?