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ALCADE, Span. law. The name of a judicial officer in Spain, and in those countries which have received the body of their laws from those of Spain.

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Alcalde said most of the fires, reported between June and August, have burned in open areas or open areas near trees, but some have been reported closer to homes.
The Mark of genius: Johnston's charge Alcalde could be the star turn
Pilar Alcalde, sagazmente, vincula este patron de conducta con el de las martires de la Edad Media.
These daily routines could always be disrupted at any time if a crime were reported to his alcalde de barrio or juez mayor since, as stipulated by law, any arrest made after an accusation had been filed had to be properly recorded in the presence of an escribano.
Suzanne Palmer comes to Alcalde & Fay from Capitol Hill where she worked for Ranking Member Patsy Mink as her legislative assistant for the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
This week coach Alcalde announced a short list of 12 European players for season 2000, where eight will eventually be selected to travel to the Claymores' training camp in Orlando.
But Alcalde also said the court decision has some merits because it eliminates the requirement that workers join a government-sanctioned union.
In chapter 4, Professor Fox's reading of Calderon's El Alcalde de Zalamea together with the earlier, farcical Luis Perez, el gallego sheds new light on the representation of violence and political power.
At last the alcalde issued another pregon offering the hand of his daughter, then the most beautiful girl in town, to him who should deliver the province from the deadly influence of the witch.
Regional Interior Ministry spokesman Gustavo Alcalde said 11 residents of the Santa Fe home and one of its caretakers were hospitalized.
Alcalde You either love him or you hate him but, either way, he has the biggest personality in racing - John McCririck.
Martin-Belloso, Department of Food Technology, University of Lleida, UTPV-CeRTA, Avenue Alcalde Rovira Roure 191, Lleida, 25198, Spain.