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The character of property that makes it capable of sale or transfer.

Absent a restriction in the owner's right, interests in real property and tangible Personal Property are generally freely and fully alienable by their nature. Likewise, many types of intangible personal property, such as a patent or trade mark, are alienable forms of property. By comparison, constitutional rights of life, liberty, and property are not transferable and, thus, are termed inalienable. Similarly, certain forms of property, such as employee security benefits, are typically not subject to transfer on the part of the owner and are inalienable forms of property.


in the law of property, transferable to another owner.
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Aboriginal title is only alienable to an entity that does have governmental capacity--in Canada, another Aboriginal nation or the Crown.
It avoids the trap of alienability and the perverse incentives that a market in alienable personal data would create.
I argue that these conditions are unduly restrictive because they rule out plausible moral theories, including fairness theories that feature alienable rights.
Alienable possession, on the other hand, tends to be expressed by means of auxiliary elements termed possessive classifiers (Harrison 1998; Lynch 1973, 1996, 1998: 123-124; and Lichtenberk 1983).
26) Theories like F* and F** violate independence because they take alienable rights to fairness seriously.
for future owners if the fragmented interests are alienable.
In the cases known to me, people may succeed to local proximate title by some lawful pathway, or may be divested of it by some customary process, and in that sense the people, rather than the land, might be regarded as alienable.
First, only alienable possession and the experiencer construction require an animate subject.
at 254 (noting that the GAA unified a patchwork of policies allotting land on a freely alienable basis that had led to the rapid disappearance of Indian land).
Myers raises a number of interesting questions in this article, particularly those pertaining to the process whereby alienable objects become, or take on the semblance of, an inalienable possession.
On such grounds, a language-independent distinction of alienable and inalienable possession is rendered almost impossible.
He stressed that the AIPU would give a top priority to the issues of particular societal categories in the Arab world such as women, the handicapped and children with a view to promoting and ensuring their alienable rights.