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Each of the Day of Aliveness sessions are held by two Lark's Song Certified Life Coaches and span a variety of activities including yoga, creativity boosting and coping strategies.
The aliveness check means that, as far as the international team of scientists is concerned, ChemCam can begin its next task of transmitting photographic images of the rover as a system check.
Creation of pedestrian streets in commercial centers cause the economical prosperity as a governmental aspect constructing the pedestrian streets cause the increasing of government's income through taxes and businessmen of commercial centers think that the constructing of pedestrian way return the economical aliveness to the area (Woolley, 2003).
Alive and creating: the mediating role of vitality and aliveness in the relationship between psychological safety and creative work involvement.
An early start can "make you feel the exhilaration of your own aliveness," Sloan says.
Horizontal health is caring for ourselves at our current level of development, fulfilling the possibilities for awareness and aliveness.
In the process, they will enact our core institutional value of "celebrating diversity," illuminate the richness and complexity of the California experience, and convey the immediacy and aliveness of the past.
The sixty-two poems and prose pieces in this anthology trace the collective's growth in confidence and militant consciousness, and vividly reflect the magazine's outstanding characteristics: pride in female identity, aliveness to the issues being addressed in the women's movement world-wide; and above all, a vivid concern with the hardships and injustices suffered by Namibian women in their daily lives and intimate relationships .
There was an energy, an aliveness present that no one could deny.
Of course, these earlier observations in the novel serve to contrast the later sequences where, according to Burack, frequent erotic encounters between Connie and Mellors "evoke an experience of aliveness and connectedness" (105).
Surrendering to Spirit, I asserted that I was willing to be present to exactly what I was experiencing right now, which was an openness, an aliveness and a desire to respond to the nudging to make this connection.
Drawing upon recent philosophical reflections from Europe and in particular what has come to be called, after Foucault, biopolitics, I will be making a series of arguments about aliveness and death in the manifestos.