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There is tension between the idea of the Buddhist tradition as locally efficacious and the idea of the Buddha's salvific efficacy as all-pervasive.
in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing whether the NSA was collecting information on millions of Americans, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper responded "no"); and a program that some now claim is in violation of the Fourth Amendment (the Supreme Court has been lax in its protection of metadata, but these decisions pre-date today's all-pervasive smartphone culture, where metadata can reveal far more information than ever conceived).
The overlord of the castle therefore enlisted every man in his vassalage in the fight against the all-pervasive grime--but alas, they are fighting an uphill and futile battle.
Chinese cyber attacks are now seen to be so aggressive and all-pervasive that US companies are demanding their government put China under strong political pressure, says World Review security expert Dr Frank Umbach.
However, while Real fans are cautious, and recognise that their next opponents have reached the quarter-finals on merit, few of the Bernabeu's devotees are predicting anything else but triumph for their team - such is the perennial, all-pervasive confidence that seeps through the Bernabeu.
The group of two dozen bishops and even more bloggers talked about the challenges in keeping up with the all-pervasive social media but also acknowledged the absolute necessity of doing so in order to reach people and connect them more deeply with their faith--or, put simply, to evangelize.
In the slightly less recent past, former Question Time presenter Peter Sissons has described an all-pervasive mindset at Auntie, with inertia and fear of decision-making rife.
There will be changes, to be sure, but no matter who is in charge in Beijing or Washington, there is an all-pervasive reality: it is in no one's interests to jeopardize ties.
No matter what course of action is chosen, any attempt to recapture one's roots needs to be fully comprehensive and all-pervasive in nature if it is to be successful.
Chairing a high-level briefing on the upcoming UN conference on "Sustainable Development Rio-20" being held in Brazil on June 20-22, 2012, he said that keeping in view the all-pervasive impact of the issue, it was a challenge for statesmen, policy makers, planners, thinkers, and professionals, which warranted partnership approach.
The fuel behind the trade is the all-pervasive corruption.
She happily acknowledges Madonna's all-pervasive influence on her sound and image.