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S President Barack Obama on Tuesday unveiled a $1 billion US security plan for eastern Europe aimed at allaying fears over a resurgent Kremlin and the escalating pro-Russian uprising in ex-Soviet Ukraine.
The members of the JTTF took great pride in the thoroughness of their investigation and in allaying the fears of the American public that terrorism caused this tragedy.
While allaying many of the remaining doubts about the safety and survivability of such transplants, the report may also fan the flames of controversy over researchers' growing use of fetal tissue from induced abortions.
The objective in offering this CD-ROM of the teleconference, "Successful Hospice Marketing Methods," is to share those marketing methods that been successful in: Increasing the public's knowledge of hospice - emphasizing the wonderful work they do and allaying public fears; and increasing physicians comfort level with Hospice - so patients are referred to Hospice in a more beneficial timeframe.
Allaying some of these concerns is the relatively stable nature of these facilities and the historically strong property level rent coverage (more than 4x), which could result in these assets remaining attractive to HEALTHSOUTH and/or an alternative operator.