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On June 15, 2006, he asked the six alleged visionaries and their supporters "to demonstrate ecclesiastical obedience and to cease with these public manifestations and messages in this parish.
The Bank of Pontiac, without admitting to any allegations, consented to the issuance of the order in connection with its alleged violations of the Board's regulations implementing the National Flood Insurance Act.
In the state court action, PhrMA alleged that the Michigan legislature had not authorized the new program and that the program violated the separation of powers provisions of the Michigan constitution.
IHS), have engaged in unlawful monopolistic practices, abused their exclusive possession of federal government records to obtain and preserve a monopoly, and in a separate act of alleged misconduct, infringed LRP's copyrights.
Electronic Security Systems alleged that Sentex Systems, which designs and manufactures telephone-entry security systems for buildings and gated communities, had induced its former employee, Paul Columbo, to breach the noncompete agreement he had signed with Electronic Security Systems.
In judge Kram's opinion, for the plaintiffs' claims of purported GAAP and GAAS violations to be actionable, the plaintiffs would have had to allege that the firm's alleged violations were the result of intentional deceit or that they rose to the level of recklessness.
The basic formula for any lawsuit is 1) existence of a legal duty owed by one party to another, 2) an alleged breach of that duty, and 3) injury or loss resulting from that breach.
In a suit filed today in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, American Honda Motor Corporation, four of its officers and key employees, and a local attorney have been named in an alleged kickback and racketeering scheme to defraud two area business executives, John Flynn and the late Robert Mendelsohn, of $250,000 to acquire a Honda franchise to be opened in Hammonton, N.
NASDAQ:GMET), together with its subsidiaries, yesterday filed a complaint against CNX Gas Company LLC and Island Creek Coal Company in the Circuit Court of Tazewell County, Virginia, seeking damages arising from alleged violations of the Virginia Antitrust Act, tortious interference with contractual relations with third parties, and statutory and common law conspiracy.
5: One alleged newspaper, the Vail Daily, allowed an alleged friend of the alleged victim to accuse another alleged newspaper, the Orange County Register, of ``tricking'' her into divulging alleged details about the woman in question.
Farragut alleged (1) it then incurred substantial expenses to prepare for the merger, (2) in an October 14, 1993, letter the SEC questioned whether the transaction qualified for a pooling of assets and (3) the firm advised Farragut the merger could not be accounted for as a pooling.
With these competing interests in mind, the Supreme Court has developed two types of immunity--absolute immunity and qualified immunity--for law enforcement officials who are sued for alleged constitutional violations.