alleged motive

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The leaked papers were twisted by vested interests to suit their alleged motive of delaying the trial, the sources said and made it clear that the CBI was in no way trying to put any impediment in the judicial process.
The Ranchi police, however, are yet to dig out the reasons behind his alleged motive to convert his wife to Islam.
Malloy's alleged motive was to prevent an early-morning re-vote that might have resulted in the town's takeover of the company.
At the time of the indictment, more details were revealed as to Tsarnaev's alleged motive for carrying out the attack on the Boston Marathon on April 15.
However, both Knox and Sollecito, 29, were acquitted of her murder two years later after an appeal court raised doubts over the DNA evidence and their alleged motive for the crime.
A man whose son was strangled in an apparent revenge attack has told of his shock over the alleged motive.
If the witness made a statement prior to the time that the alleged motive to fabricate arose, (18) then that statement is excluded from the hearsay prohibition.
South African authorities produced the alleged motive for the 28-year-old Swedish bride's killing on day one of Dewani's three-day extradition hearing.
Skordelli's alleged motive for the murder was revenge because she was said to have blamed Hadjicostis' for forcing her out of Sigma even though she was a major shareholder in the station.
Thus, the court concluded that the trial court had not abused its discretion in allowing Thomas to introduce evidence of financial gain as an alleged motive for the performance of the unnecessary surgery.
A MAN accused of starting an arson attack which killed a three-year-old girl has admitted lying to his own defence team about the alleged motive a month before his murder trial.