alleged offender

See: suspect
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The head of a designated health establishment or designated person must: (i) perform HIV tests on the body specimens of the alleged offender to determine the presence or absence of HIV infection; (ii) record the results of the HIV test; (iii) provide the investigating officer with duplicate sealed records of the test results; and (iv) retain one sealed record as prescribed.
The alleged offender had left the scene but was tracked by CCTV cameras and was arrested at 5.
They are fuming that the alleged offender had been allowed back to work because of 'lack of evidence'.
A CHILD sex offence is a despicable crime which by its very nature will leave a stigma even if the alleged offender is totally exonerated.
Doctors working at designated health establishments should provide victims with the necessary free medical advice and PEP treatment as well as the notice containing the prescribed information regarding compulsory HIV testing of the alleged offender, and explain its contents.
David Blundell, chief crown prosecutor for the West Midlands, is reported as saying that the problem in prosecuting rape cases is that it rests on the victim's word against that of the alleged offender.
I gave the Environment Agency the address of the fly tipper but some months later they contacted me to say they could not prosecute the alleged offender for lack of evidence.
With information in hand, a team of two traffic officers will find out where the alleged offender lives and sit down with the parents to work out a solution.
The alleged offender has been placed on restricted ministry by his Order but this appears to have had very limited effect.
The alleged offender was set to appear at Kidderminster Magistrates' Court yesterday charged with attempting to steal metal following an incident in the early hours of the morning.
However, it would require the victim or someone acting in their interests to bring legal action against the alleged offender.
As a result, there is very little evidence, and the case rests on the victim's word against that of the alleged offender.