alleged wrongdoer

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To rebut a presumption of undue influence, the alleged wrongdoer must come forward with some evidence that "he took no unfair advantage of the decedent.
of the decedent's relationship with the alleged wrongdoer.
IT is a particularly sour irony that means the only person to have emerged with any credit from the farce surrounding Anthony Carter's suspension, has been the alleged wrongdoer himself.
Every business should have a clearly defined response plan that sets out who is responsible for the investigation, the process to be followed, and how the alleged wrongdoer is dealt with.
On the other hand, if an initial investigation suggests that there is a case to answer, natural justice requires that the alleged wrongdoer should have his or her say (see below).
The alleged wrongdoer can correct mistaken perceptions, if any.
24) Under the will contest exception, the presumption of undue influence actually shifted the burden of proof to the alleged wrongdoer.
What this means is that the victim can receive the attachment order without allowing the alleged wrongdoer to know in advance.
Punitive" damages are supposed to make an example of the alleged wrongdoer.
Is there a sufficient relationship of proximity between the alleged wrongdoer (the accountant) and the person suffering damage such that the wrongdoer reasonably can anticipate that carelessness on his part may be likely to cause harm to the damaged party?
He seems unsure if the outing of alleged wrongdoers has gone too far or not far enough.