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We have been working closely with the FDA to alleviate drug shortages, ensuring critical care products are reaching patients in need.
alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization.
BEIRUT: The two bridges planned to replace the crumbling Jal al-Dib bridge should be connected, a group of citizens following up on the issue said Wednesday, arguing the current plan would actually exacerbate traffic rather than alleviate it.
The representatives stressed that the arrival of these homes will alleviate the suffering of many families and provide them with shelter from the difficult conditions the Strip is experiencing.
Sildenafil citrate administered vaginally alleviates acute menstrual pain with no reported side effects.
Alleviate began to choreograph routines together just over a year ago and have since performed in the production Seven at the Arts Depot in London.
With respect to the first issue, it is recognised as not only a matter of commonsense but also as a matter of religious jurisprudence that Islamic finance cannot be expected wholly to alleviate the socio-economic challenges affecting the world, let alone their constituencies.
Encouraging younger nurses to achieve graduate-level degrees may alleviate the nursing faculty shortage.
Alleviate tracked the frontrunning winner Sereth for most of the way and kept on to finish fourth, beaten two and a half lengths.
Many students suffer from math anxiety, but teachers can incorporate skills to alleviate it for their students.
Furthermore, the construction and conversion of units may alleviate some of the distortions in the market caused by the unabating demand and limited supply, but it will not cause prices to collapse.