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According to the President's proposed strategy of alleviating poverty, economic growth should not aim only financial development but should consider social security, minimizing income differences, marginalized communities because of various reasons, development diversities in provincial and district levels.
We are excited about these findings and our next step would be to see how this plant and the compounds from this plant may be effective against colon cancer, alleviating colon cancer or preventing the onset of colon cancer," Dey said.
66 percent to the housing supply, a first step in alleviating the housing shortage.
Editor's note: Please see page 90 for step-by-step directions on alleviating dizziness (vertigo).
In an era of intense competition for health-care dollars, psychotherapists often characterize their techniques as scientifically grounded and capable of alleviating specific mental ailments.
In recent years, relief organizations have attempted to go beyond their traditional mandate of alleviating suffering to the weightier task of preventing it.
Australia must be prepared to play its part in alleviating this obvious human misery," Archbishop Peter Watson said.
The survey found that 82per cent of doctors believe holidays benefit the whole family, alleviating symptoms such as behavioural disorders, asthma and allergies.
Although their goal of alleviating poverty proved beyond the capability of these philanthropic societies, they did provide important "schools of democracy," to use Tocqueville's evocative phrase, which facilitated the development of a civil society in Russia.