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It will give me great pleasure, sir," said the Owner of a Silver Mine, "to serve one so closely allied to me in - in - well, you know," he added, with a significant gesture of his two hands upward from the sides of his head.
The barb is allied to the carrier, but, instead of a very long beak, has a very short and very broad one.
Owen states, proves indisputably that it was intimately related to the Gnawers, the order which, at the present day, includes most of the smallest quadrupeds: in many details it is allied to the Pachydermata: judging from the position of its eyes, ears, and nostrils, it was probably aquatic, like the Dugong and Manatee, to which it is also allied.
This, therefore, is nearly allied to the fault above mentioned:--for Orestes might as well have brought tokens with him.
The Lannings survived only in the person of two very old but lively Miss Lannings, who lived cheerfully and reminiscently among family portraits and Chippendale; the Dagonets were a considerable clan, allied to the best names in Baltimore and Philadelphia; but the van der Luydens, who stood above all of them, had faded into a kind of super-terrestrial twilight, from which only two figures impressively emerged; those of Mr.
Recently, the company embarked on several strategic initiatives that enabled Allied to continue its momentum and promote its solutions on a wider scale.
This requirement does not allow Allied to retain a significant amount of capital and combined with the 1.
LaGarde was employed by Allied to customize the StoreFront product.
CHICAGO -- Allied to Expand Service Offerings and Deliver Business-Class Ethernet Services to Customers Throughout the Washington DC Metro Area
Strong promotion of its Altratene brand has allowed Allied to effectively address the issue of low consumer awareness about beta-carotene and its health benefits.
As part of the proposed transaction, Allied and Cabletel have agreed upon repayment terms for the approximately CDN$675,000 owed by Allied to the Company for inventory previously provided by the Company.
Einhorn did not recommend a short sale of Allied to anyone else in the audience.

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