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i] Set of channels allocatable to NRT flows at node i after resource allocation for RT flows [[?
It is difficult, however, to figure out the expected signs of these coefficients because location-specific physical variables in a multi output production model (with fixed, allocatable inputs) measure a municipality's comparative advantage in producing a crop rather than its absolute advantage (Moore and Negri 1992).
To derive crop-level optimal water allocation functions for water as a fixed, allocatable input, the following constrained optimization problem is solved:
Thought of another way, if raw capital and labor inputs were augmented to account for their improved quality, no measured productivity change would occur, unless, of course, some residual, disembodied, technical progress were also taking place that was not allocatable to either input.
A dynamically allocatable bandwidth feature allows faster devices to use as many channels as needed to carry the required data.
We refer to the smallest unit of resource consisting of subcarriers allocatable to an individual user as a resource block (RB).
It contains software components to represent generalized concepts such as allocatable objects, hard constraints, soft constraints, and a set of scheduling algorithms.
For example, all real and complex type declarations use the KIND specification; derived data types are used for storage flexibility and simplicity; array sections, automatic arrays, and allocatable arrays are fully utilized; interface blocks are used consistently; where appropriate, modules, rather than subroutine argument lists, are used for data association; low-level linear algebra is done with Fortran 90 syntax rather than with BLAS routines; internal subroutines are used extensively with most arguments available via host association.