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The government also allocated Rs 2000 million Gwadar Development Authority and Rs 300 million allocated for Lyari Expressway Resettlement Project.
To provide safe and nutrient filled vegetables for household, thegovernment has allocated Rs.
Allocated seating will be offered on all flights to destinations including Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Malaga, Istanbul, Alicante, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Zurich, for all days of the week, during the extended trial period.
The sports minister disclosed that for making feasibility of chair-lift project from Naran to Saiful Maluk Lake, Rs50 million has been allocated while Rs40 million for preparing feasibility of water sports resort at Naran.
Describing the allocation over the five-year span as inadequate to meet the needs of Canada's almost five million children, Campaign 2000 says the $25 million allocated in the first year and $75 million for the second year "scarcely reflect the importance of child care.
With sophisticated costing systems, banks have finally realized that commercial lending is a marginally profitable activity, and that their resources may be more profitably allocated to activities such as financial services for merger and acquisition activities and consumer banking.
25) If a rental agreement does not provide a specific allocation of fixed rent, the amount of fixed rent allocated to a rental period is the amount of fixed rent payable during that period.
7 million, is allocated for developmental activities in the company's existing properties while 32 percent, or $9.
943 million has been allocated for National Highway Authority Projects.
00 million is allocated for the same project, among which foreign aid is Rs.
Out of the 7 rounds, 3 rounds will be allocated for the pure Arabian horses of the local breed.
077 have been allocated for Ministry of Communications' ongoing schemes.