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The credit crunch is leading to polarised investment allocations and is taking survey readings into uncharted territory, setting four records:Co Net 53 percent of asset allocators are overweight cash.
Allocations to commodities are down this month, allocations to real estate are unchanged while the proportion of allocators overweight alternative assets ticked upwards by a two percentage points to a net 9 percent.
Investors and asset allocators have increased allocations towards global emerging market equities and have indicated in October's survey that they see value in the region.
Thanks largely to China's influence, global emerging markets have been the prime beneficiary of improving sentiment towards equities with a net 26 percent of asset allocators saying they are overweight the asset class, up from just 4 percent in March.
A net 38 percent of global asset allocators are underweight Japanese equities, the lowest reading since March 2009 and up from a net 23 percent a month ago.
The contract is for the supply of control room monitors and allocators image.
With over $24 billion in assets under management in commingled and customized investment programs, it is one of the world's leading discretionary allocators to hedge funds.
Asset allocators moved out of global equities with a net 4 percent underweight the asset class, compared with a net 16 percent overweight equities last month.
Langbert concludes, "IAE MA&PS' business model provides a solution to the managed account equation - our offering is a unique platform in the marketplace that provides a real value add via technology, operations, infrastructure and identifying means in which allocators and managers can seek each other out.
A market change from August when a net 13 per cent of asset allocators were underweight Eurozone equities vs.
A net 24 percent of global asset allocators are overweight cash in April, up from a net 6 percent one month ago.
The scope includes the equipment rental and equipment rental units with heat cost allocators, hot and cold water meters and heat meters based on radio.