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A portion, share, or division. The proportionate distribution of shares of stock in a corporation. The partition and distribution of land.


noun adsignatio, allocation, annuity, appointment, apportionment, appropriation, arrangement, assignment, assignment by share, designation, disposal, disposition, distribution, distribution by lot, dole, ordering, partition, portion, proportion, ration
Associated concepts: allotment certificate, allotment note, allotment system
See also: alimony, annuity, appointment, apportionment, arrangement, budget, circulation, classification, commission, consignment, disbursement, dispensation, distribution, dividend, division, dower, endowment, equity, fee, grant, installment, interest, loan, moiety, order, payment, pension, proportion, quantity, quota, ration, remittance, share, subsidy

ALLOTMENT. Distribution by lot; partition. Merl. Rep. h.t.

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Not to mention, you can be sure that there is no added rubbish in them; You can get the whole family |involved with planting and maintaining an allotment plot and it could even be a community project ; You will have some great fun |and conversations while you're working, so it's a real bonding activity; You'll also be out in the open |air getting some great exercise which is fantastic for you, not just physically but mentally, too.
For example, in Thame, in Oxfordshire, their new neighbourhood plan will create an additional hectare of allotment land.
Dawn Wilkinson is among the allotment holders at Newcastle Bank who have signed up to the scheme, and said her plot has been broken into in the past.
They are highlighting the need to strengthen the protection for our remaining allotment sites and emphasising the benefits allotments bring to both people and to the environment.
Our allotment tenancy rules prohibit the sale or sub-letting of plots, so this man has not only been denied 'ownership' of an allotment but he is also PS1,000 worse off.
But leaders have deferred their decision and now plan to meet with allotment keepers.
There are at least 875 people in the Vale on various allotment waiting lists.
No-one was consulted, though for decades the allotments have had a strong consultation partnership between allotment officers, allotment associations and the Birmingham and District Allotments Council.
A NEW "Home Watch" scheme is being launched to protect Wirral allotments from theft and vandalism.
Stuart Jones, of Graig Allotment Society, Pontypool, wants the Assembly Government to give strong direction for councils to follow.
A public inquiry followed after the golf club contested the order and a compromise was eventually reached which saw about two thirds of the allotment - enough for 35 plots - taken back by the club three years ago.
Andrea, from Great Barr, Birmingham took up her allotment in May.