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A portion, share, or division. The proportionate distribution of shares of stock in a corporation. The partition and distribution of land.


noun adsignatio, allocation, annuity, appointment, apportionment, appropriation, arrangement, assignment, assignment by share, designation, disposal, disposition, distribution, distribution by lot, dole, ordering, partition, portion, proportion, ration
Associated concepts: allotment certificate, allotment note, allotment system
See also: alimony, annuity, appointment, apportionment, arrangement, budget, circulation, classification, commission, consignment, disbursement, dispensation, distribution, dividend, division, dower, endowment, equity, fee, grant, installment, interest, loan, moiety, order, payment, pension, proportion, quantity, quota, ration, remittance, share, subsidy

ALLOTMENT. Distribution by lot; partition. Merl. Rep. h.t.

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The reason for not issuing allotment letters to the members who have deposited full payment is that the Lay out Plan (LOP) has not been approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA) and
While demand for allotments has waxed and waned over the years, there's currently a growing interest in reconnecting with the land and producing low-cost healthy food.
On some Liverpool allotments, the waiting list can be as long as 18 months - but each allotment is different and it might be the case that you get one much quicker.
The affectees demanded for immediate lifting of ban on allotment of plots otherwise they will be forced to unleash endless series of protest rallies for acceptance of their demand.
30am at Oxbridge Lane Allotments in Stockton and Cowpen Lane Allotments, Billingham.
Having asked my local councillor where the allotments would be sited, I was dismayed to find that during the inspection process the central allotments were omitted from the final LDP plan.
Therefore with your help could you help us get the message out to allotment sites and gardeners past and present to submit any information or stories relating to the age of their allotment site?
During the event Sgt Hall said allotment holders told him about needles discovered on the Newcastle Bank allotment site - which he said illustrated the aim of the extended scheme.
This element needs to be recognised and existing allotment sites should be valued and protected from disruption.
I want the council to reduce rates to levels in keeping with other major cities, and reconsider plans for passing over draconian legal responsibilities to allotment associations.
The history of allotments and gardens is a subject of increasing interest to historians but has not hitherto attracted much attention in Ireland.