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This year's allowable catch in both the Pacific and the Japan Sea for Japanese fishing boats is set at 4,100 tons, down 1,070 tons from last year.
FEA enables the engineer to quickly evaluate stress levels in the design, and solid models can be tweaked in shape via the software so geometry can be optimized for allowable, uniform stress.
In its written comments following the May, 1994, meeting, the National Society of Public Accountants mentioned several concerns with the impact that a standardized approach to allowable expenses might have on the programs that utilize an allowable expense analysis.
The intense controversy over the Allowable Sale Quantity (ASQ), as the timber targets are officially known, and what they really mean in the context of the forest plans, is a major factor in the Mumma situation.
There are two state variables: the allowable and the non-allowable traffic levels.
The covenanted maximum allowable annual senior bond debt service remains $1.
You can legitimately keep can legitimately keep your taxable income below these thresholds by increasing allowable deductions and ensuring you take advantage of all your allowances.
to perform work on the creation of programs for electronic computers calculate the maximum allowable under the terms of flows to ensure dynamic stability in real time taking into account the actions of emergency control
Most standard business expenses would be allowable.
Reduced rates for capital gains and qualified dividends affect the maximum allowable foreign tax credit (FTC) for many taxpayers.
After notifying customers last month that total trihalomethanes measured during spring had topped a recently stiffened maximum allowable level, officials said measurements dropped below the limit in July and August.
The disclosure requirements focus on the nature and magnitude of the otherwise allowable non-audit services auditors provide to audit clients.