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The three adopt unusual, sometimes awkward geometries, to package their overall volumes, none of which is directly iconic of a single meaning but all of which allude to nature.
Thompson tentatively suggests that Erasmus may have wished to allude to the Italian poet Cirolamo Balbi, who lived in Paris before Erasmus' residence there (CWE, 39: 30, n.
Several pieces in this exhibition directly allude to death--with images including cemeteries and the hands of a tailor making a shroud, and so on--but most do so indirectly, by giving considerable weight to the cycles of nature.
Numerous documents allude to the kind of activities that united Bronzino to this learned cultural community.
Many of Wall's photos allude to well-known paintings, not as showy in-jokes but as touchstones of tradition.
The gray stone walls allude to the sacrificial pre-Hispanic god Chavin de Huantar, known for his cruelty.
Materials are carefully chosen for both their elegance and durability: recycled timber, canvas awnings, polished concrete floors and crisply articulated steel frames allude to the functional expressiveness of traditional boat sheds, here reinterpreted in an intelligent yet festive contemporary synthesis.
To give only one example, Sams relies extensively at various points on satirical writings by Thomas Nashe and Robert Greene, which allude to - or seem to allude to - William Shakespeare.
Teetering in a barren landscape, all nose and seemingly aged, it bespeaks both an enduring inquisitiveness and an exhausted condition that may allude to the conditions of making art in the East.
This causeway enters the building and the metaphor of island and lagoon is replicated with the archive itself emerging through an underlit transparent glass and slate floor to convey the perilous maritime condition of the city and to allude to Ruskin's dream of looking into its waters, and seeing the horses of St Mark's being harnessed.
The use of cables and the title Conductor allude to the fact that the network of underground pipes emanating from the pumping station is now used to carry fiber-optic telecommunication cables.