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The Punjabi singer, also known as Karan Jasbir and Jasbir Singh Longia, had on April 2 allurement of money, liquor and drugs.
We research and use textiles from the farthest corners of India Chanderi from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Dabu from Rajasthan, Bandhani from Gujarat, Brocade from Banaras, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, embroideries like Phulkari from Punjab , Kantha from West Bengal , Zardosi from Hyderabad and Lucknow , Kutch embroidery from Gujarat, and Chikankari from Lucknow to create contemporary, wearable clothes, weaving allurement into our merchandise.
from a rather obscene exhibition, which is still indulged in by certain cabaret performers, it bloomed forth a polished and extremely fascinating dance, which has not had its equal in rhythmical allurement since the days of the Minuet.
Starting on Friday the Loukia and Michael Zampelas Art Museum in Nicosia will showcase the group exhibition Engagement AND Entrapment, a contemporary art exhibition investigating enticement, allurement and attention.
possessed of some of the allurement and suggestiveness that they had in the fields and woods.
But five Indian states have enacted stringent laws against conversions that are carried out by force or allurement.
The book is the fruit of team work and would also warrant attention on an international scale--and not only owing to the name of Leos Janacek, a sure-fire allurement for many foreign readers.
In this evangelical rendition the Spirit is the prime mover in the whole enterprise of the Incarnation (and retrospectively of creation itself), in its erotic allurement and prophetic anointing of a young Palestinian girl ever before this Holy Spirit was mediated by Jesus.
To ensure that allurement in forms of 'incentives' is not used to sell bad policies the law has enhanced to Rs 10 lakh for any agent who tries to offer money on signing a policy instead of convincing the insurer about the virtues of the schemes available.
In other words, the 'fire' that should burn inside a trade unionist has been exchanged for the comfort and allurement of political benefits gained as a result of being elected into trade union leadership positions.
Although marking their grief, these images of female self-mutilation are shown to be a site of sexual allurement for knights who aspire to fill the void.
It is this rising money allurement through non-academic channels that has done major damage to our library culture.