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ALMANAC. A table or calendar, in which are set down the revolutions of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, the most remarkable conjunctions, positions and phenomena of the heavenly bodies, the months of the year, the days of the month and week, and a variety of other matter.
     2. The courts will take judicial notice of the almanac; for example, whether a certain day of the month was on a Sunday or not. Vin. Ab. h.t.; 6 Mod. 41; Cro. Eliz. 227, pl. 12; 12 Vin. Ab. Evidence (A, b, 4.) In dating instruments, some sects, the Quakers, for example, instead of writing January, February, March, &c., use the terms, First month, Second month, Third month, &c., and these are equally valid in such writings. Vide 1 Smith's Laws of Pennsylvania, 217.

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That if the astrologer in question made almanacs I would advise him not to buy one.
He read old almanacs at the book-stalls on the quays, and he began to frequent another cafe, where more newspapers were taken and his postprandial demitasse cost him a penny extra, and where he used to con the tattered sheets for curious anecdotes, freaks of nature, and strange coincidences.
Snagsby has dealt in all sorts of blank forms of legal process; in skins and rolls of parchment; in paper--foolscap, brief, draft, brown, white, whitey- brown, and blotting; in stamps; in office-quills, pens, ink, India- rubber, pounce, pins, pencils, sealing-wax, and wafers; in red tape and green ferret; in pocket-books, almanacs, diaries, and law lists; in string boxes, rulers, inkstands--glass and leaden--pen-knives, scissors, bodkins, and other small office-cutlery; in short, in articles too numerous to mention, ever since he was out of his time and went into partnership with Peffer.
An ink-stained table, littered with pens, papers, and almanacs, an American cloth sofa, three chairs of varying patterns, and a much-worn carpet, constituted all the furniture, save only a very large and obtrusive porcelain spittoon, and a gaudily framed and very somber picture which hung above the fireplace.
Notwithstanding all that has been said and sung to the contrary, there is no well-established case of morning having either deferred or hastened its approach by the term of an hour or so for the mere gratification of a splenetic feeling against some unoffending lover: the sun having, in the discharge of his public duty, as the books of precedent report, invariably risen according to the almanacs, and without suffering himself to be swayed by any private considerations.
Published seasonally, the premiere issue of Beekman 1802 Almanac includes 55 farm-to-table recipes, holiday entertaining tips and easy ideas for cultivating a better life this season.
The Worcester Almanac assembles key data points about social and economic change in the city in one place, offering a snapshot in time to those seeking to understand the community,'' according to Timothy J.
Power Almanac seamlessly integrates its comprehensive database of local government contacts including city, county and township officials into Deltek GovWin IQ s powerful suite of research tools.
We research and gather the most relevant information focused on the long term care insurance industry and published it in one concise eight-page Almanac," explains Jesse Slome, executive director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, the national trade group based in Los Angeles, CA.
Almanac VI succeeds five previous funds, totaling approximately $2.
Texas Commissioner of Higher Education Raymund Paredes hopes the almanac provides a clear picture of that progress to date and how much more is needed.
Gargeya's almanac ( panchangam in Telugu) called ' Graha Bhoomi Panchangam' for the Telugu New Year 2012- 13 ( it begins on March 23) has some strange observations about the menstruation period of girls.