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The figure's face is dark and his simply painted almond-shaped eyes slip from their anatomical location onto the surface of the painting where they multiply and float in front of the figure's cheek and unkempt hair.
Mark is quite hunky, 6ft, browny-blond hair, big, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, a lovely full mouth.
In a dusty schoolyard, the principal told the 14-year-old student to remove her veil - which revealed only her dark, almond-shaped eyes - or risk being expelled.
The stylistic motifs that are manifested in the image, such as its short hairstyle, the prominent lobes and curves of the ears, as well as the almond-shaped eyes suggest that the object most likely portrays an athlete, probably a boxer.
But we felt she's got just as much in common looks-wise with that other pop goddess, Sophie Ellis Bextor - both have high cheekbones, a heart-shaped face and almond-shaped eyes.
She's brunette, has almond-shaped eyes and a broad nose and is slightly tan.
Smoky kohl close to the upper lashline exaggerates those almond-shaped eyes.
The girl we met, with beautiful almond-shaped eyes and blue lips and fingernails, was wise well beyond her 10 years.
The whites of her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes are red, due to a thickening of the blood, and she has a yellow tinge to her skin caused by liver problems.