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Leontius of Neapolis, Life of John the Almsgiver, 9.
Syntactically, the phase ceo fu la summe de l'escrit is used in a number of ways: it can stand alone, as a simple statement (as in La Vie d'Edouard le Confesseur, 2103); it can be used to introduce a text (usually a letter) quoted or read (Evangile, 1154-55);(27) when a paraphrase is given instead of the verbatim text, it is often followed by the conjunction, que, as in the Almsgiver text, lines 1447-52, quoted above, in the Evangile, lines 33-40, and, one could argue, in Chevrefoil, lines 61-78.
Follieri suggests that this is an odd route from Alexandria to Rome on the Tiber, as indeed it would be if the two friends were travelling directly to Rome: but we have no evidence that they were, and Follieri herself rehearses the arguments that the two friends spent some years on Cyprus, until the death of John the Almsgiver (pp.
John the Almsgiver (early thirteenth century), based on the Latin Vita Sancti Joannis Eleemosynarii of Anastasius the Librarian, (17) contains an episode (1301-494) in which Nicetas, Augustal Praefect of Egypt, attempts to persuade John, the Patriarch, to donate the contents of his treasury to him.
The first lecture discusses the acts of the martyrs and the accounts of saints in the synaxaria, while the other two discuss the development of the accounts of Saints' lives from the Vita Antonii to the hagiographical output of the circle of friends and associates of St John the Almsgiver at the beginning of the seventh century.