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I have often wondered why you had lived all your life alone.
We are alone, quite alone,--there is no mistake about that,--and the soul has gone out of both of us.
old echoing silent House of Joy that is Gone, we are quite alone.
Consider the girls in a factory -- never alone, hardly in their dreams.
There is another art which imitates by means of language alone, and that either in prose or verse--which, verse, again, may either combine different metres or consist of but one kind--but this has hitherto been without a name.
He did not join any of the others, but walked alone toward the Gulf.
Say you'll leave the door alone, and make an end on't.
A puppy alone by the river bank meant a puppy dead or a puppy that aroused the camp with its shrill pain and terror as it fled back from the wolf-cub that had waylaid it.
When Kitty had gone and Levin was left alone, he felt such uneasiness without her and such an impatient longing to get as quickly, as quickly as possible, to tomorrow morning, when he would see her again and be plighted to her forever, that he felt afraid, as though of death, of those fourteen hours that he had to get through without her.
Yet I shrink from them, from their curious glances, their inquiries and assistance, and long to be away from them and alone.
Like his friend Li Po, he became a homeless wanderer, but, unlike him, he concealed his brilliant name, obtaining food and patronage for his delightful nameless self alone, and not for his reputation's sake.
Though I should never have possession of thy charming person, still shalt thou alone have possession of my thoughts, my love, my soul.