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Taking the word, Zoya Rohana from Kafa(Enough)violence against women addressed parliamentarians to the effect that they shall never succeed in dividing them along religious-sectarian lines and that Makati's aloofness must not interfere with personal status laws' amendment.
The Armed Forces however, while declaring on several occasions their aloofness from politics and pinpointing their bias towards the people's interests, have not stopped endeavours to close down illegal tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.
Running through the book are the arguments that without the help of civilian officials, Nazi or not, and without the complicit aloofness of the average person, the Holocaust could not have occurred.
A degree of aloofness was called for and the cricketing bodies showed that.
Uncommunicative since the death of her father, 15-year-old Kate Allen endures an unwanted move to London where she must stay with a caring but overbearing sister, attend a school where her aloofness is taken for haughtiness and battle feelings of self-loathing, apathy and abandonment.
Analysts say Page must prove that his aloofness, rebellious streak and affinity for offbeat ideas won't alienate investors and lead the company astray.
Maddox perfectly captured the character's conflicting aloofness and emotional vulnerability.
One thing which may not change is the ambivalence - some may say hostility - to McLaren's Lewis Hamilton who has been criticised for his driving techniques and judgement on the track, and maligned for his apparent aloofness off it.
The DPJ thought he would be an easy target to assail because of his low approval ratings and seeming aloofness from the public.
But he maintained the aloofness that has helped Lagerfeld's career outlive his rivals and kept him at the top of his profession for decades.
Darryl's goading and his father's aloofness frustrate Hutch so much he lashes out at Darryl, which means he has to sit out a crucial game, but his ill-considered action also leads to some much-needed talk and reconciliation with both the shortstops in Hutch's life.
The Arsenal boss has earned a reputation for aloofness among Premiership bosses during his career at Highbury.