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We have about five to six new patients visiting our clinic for Alopecia Areata, which includes children and adults," said the source, working at Salmaniya Medical Complex.
POSITIVE: Emma Coughlan, pictured just after her hair returned, has helped to set up a website to give support and advice to fellow alopecia sufferers Picture by PETER REIMANN
Devise corrective measures for pipeline projects by understanding Alopecia pipeline depth and focus of Indication therapeutics
The headmaster brought it up in assembly on the first day and said 'Bella has got alopecia and she's shaved her hair off for cancer' and their reaction was fabulous.
I have alopecia and it's an illness where a lot of your hair comes out in big chunks.
To raise awareness of alopecia, Gwennan, from Cardiff, has posed for a nude calendar to prove that you can be bald and beautiful - and it also stars her twin sister Elin, who doesn't suffer from the same condition but was keen to get involved too.
com)-- September is National Alopecia Areata Awareness Month