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If authors do care about author orderings, then systematic departures from a 50% rate of alphabetization within two-author teams are a real puzzle.
The alphabetization program currently covers 11 classrooms with 275 students.
One is Barry Sanders and Ivan Illich's ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind, and the other, already mentioned, is Sanders's A Is for Ox.
The bibliography is well organized and presented, the precis of each entry informative, and the work is marred only by the irksome alphabetization of titles by "A" and "The" in the listing of Curzon's own works.
A well-known law of alphabetization is that when you learn to read and write and if you don't find materials, you go back to being illiterate," the Libete staff member told NCR.
Ivan Illich is not mentioned, but his underlying theory, with Barry Sanders' Alphabetization of the Popular Mind, is 'No one would have thought in the nineteenth century that we would be hanging fast to literacy, as we see it vanishing: people are now becoming enslaved to the power of a machine in their pursuit of computer literacy'.
Everyone and everything from John Adams to the Veronezh (former Soviet Union) UFO sighting, the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu to the Mothman prophecies (and the whole shebang in between) can be found in this convenient and modern alphabetization of Wilson's investigative work.
The list of references shows problems of alphabetization and inaccuracies in citation.
In May 2010, AJE sent food, clothes and medical supplies to The Divine Providence and school supplies to an adult alphabetization program in Gonaives.
All alphabet-loving souls in the English speaking world will applaud the current number-to-letter changes in what the CIA refers to in its top secret memos as "the Alphabetization of America.
In relating the sixteenth-century procedure to a much earlier manuscript tradition, she draws on the work of musicologist Emma Dillon, who in working with fourteenth-century sources "has demonstrated the attention given to page layout and finding aids such as alphabetization, marginalia, and letter size, to locate and retrieve information in the Roman de Fauvel" (p.
The three generations of women depicted in Madagascar mirror semiotically the female protagonists of the earlier film in which the narratives of three women all named "Lucia" trace three key historical movements in the struggle for national liberation: the war against Spain of the late 1800s, the Machado dictatorship of the 1930s and finally the early years of 1960s Revolutionary Cuba and the alphabetization campaign (Garcia Borrero 2001, 188).